"By the way, you shouldn’t keep your apartment window open. Maybe next time it won’t be me and Scott hiding in here."

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From Direction to Screen 

This is such a sleuthy/wonderful thing.

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"I personally believe Scott and Allison should have ended up together." -Crystal 

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"If anything happens, I will run and leave you both for dead."
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make me choose - asked by upallnightogetbucky
alpha peter, the kanima, the darach or void stiles

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You were a hero

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graphic battleohhelga vs trickwolves
↪ scenerygasm

Now this is what I call a sacrifice.

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Actress Holland Roden attends the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration

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there’s safety in numbers

allison v1 (x) allison v2 (xderek (x) lydia (x) scott (x) stiles (x)

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"come on derek, don’t be like that. i accepted your little bargain didn’t i? your body for his. i have to say, it was a pretty generous offer considering i’d never be able to get into your mind undetected. but stiles…well he was an easy target, wasn’t he?"

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This is my favoritist thing in the whole wide world ever

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