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16. What allergies does your OC have and how bad are they? Just like me, I don’t envision her having any allergies at all!

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9. Is there anything that your OC is extremely good at but hates doing? I imagine Riley is good at writing. Whether it be stories, essays or poetry. I feel like she’d have a beautiful way of showing the world of what goes on inside the aching bits of her. I could definitely see her being that girl who stays up until 3am trying to converse her thoughts into lines. Transferring the battles she’s faced onto paper, so cleverly written that it gives her goosebumps.

She’s a talented writer, but hates doing it because of the amount of attention she needs to put into her words. And we all know Riley’s mind is too full to concentrate on frivolous things like writing.

What do you think she’d be good at?

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6. How would your OC react if they found out their fave was problematic? I Well for starters, Riley’s fave is Derek who is already very much problematic. I feel like she’s reacted fairly well to that particular situation to be honest. She is comforting and careful about what she says, because she knows her words may somehow effect him in certain ways. I am quite proud of how much Riley does not let his weaknesses, triggers or attitude effect her as much as it could. She’s fiercely protective of that side of him, I feel like.

I don’t know anon, what do you think?

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get to know me: teen wolf edition
03/08 favourite characters | allison argent

New Chapter of Finding Haven Now Availble Here.

New Chapter of Finding Haven Now Availble Here.

"These dreams rest on the blurred line of chaos and reality. They feast upon your fears and become stronger each time you close your eyes. Your future sight is corrupted, and the best advice I can give you is to stay a w a k e."
— Finding Haven : A Short Summary

malia week  day seven → free choice

                                        - Season 3B - 

                                       - Riley Haven - 

     "She dragged herself out of nightmares

                     each morning, only to find no relief in waking.”

Switchfoot - Your love is a song | Ki:Theory - Stand by me | Digital Daggers - I surrender | Imagine Dragons - Who we are | The Pierces - Believe in me | The Wailin’ Jennys - Long time traveler | The Pretty Reckless - Heaven knows  | Digital Daggers - Still here | ZZ Ward - Better off dead | Flyleaf- Believe in dreams  | Banks - Bedroom wall | Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Our hell | Lorde - Glory and gore  | Disturbed - Down with the sickness | Gnarls Barkley - Crazy | Skylar Grey - Final Warning | Agnes Obel - Words are dead |

                                     - Season 3B -

                                     - Derek Hale -

     ”He wouldn’t let his struggle become his identity.”

Imagine Dragons - Bleeding out | Skillet - Monster | Linkin Park - What I’ve Done | Gavin Rossdale - Love remains the same | The Fray - You found me | James Vincent Mcmorrow - Ghosts | OneRepublic - Love runs out | Framing Hanley - Built for sin | Drowning Pool - Bodies | Seether - Fake it | Gorillaz - Feel good | Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments | American Authors - Believer | Saving Abel - Addicted | Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony |


Stop leaving and you will  a r r i v e

Stop searching and you will  s e e

Stop running away and you will be  f o u n d

posey + the ‘i-regret-saying-that’ head drop

"It’s not coming for you. It’s already h e r e.”

New Chapter Tonight!

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22. Who’s cooking skills are so bad that there’s a good chance they could burn water? Derek, I imagine because he grew up too quickly after the fire that he and Laura just ate out while living in New York. He didn’t have the proper necessities to ever pick up a good level of cooking. But that;s okay! He’s got Riley now, and she makes bomb fahjitas.

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